Fiery Aries Energy

Aries has started with a burst of sparks and if you are not careful, you might get burnt or run over by the ram stampede! Aries influences us to take action NOW! Be steady and sure, and do be patient..these are the crucial points to be aware in this April energy. Especially with Taurus rearing in the near future, it is best to have a steady grounding and understanding of where you are before burning up the rodeo with impromptu and on-the-whim inspiration.


This Aries energy is just great for starting new projects! Just take up enough to challenge you, expand you and stretch to the finish line. A not-so-detailed outline/plan could be good to reach that finish line with all your goals met.

Relationships, new fresh energy pouring in – release anything that could be holding you back and make space for the beauty of pure creation and manifestation of the spring energy. And that is exactly what everything is doing, springing up! Ideas, thoughts, ventures that you started way back when are starting to reap fruits now . Stay compassionate, the fiery energy might make that tongue a bit more lashing. Take a breath and breathe ~ Just remember that whatever confronts you now is a reaping blessing or a learning lesson, it’s all for your good. This outlook will help with any outbursts that may seek to flow to the surface ~ greet every confrontations with love and light. See what’s good in the moment and let everything else go. A peaceful mind will take you a long way, especially with all those reaping projects and the new ideas that you seed.

Our consciousness is important here, how do you wish to use this fiery, burning energy? I say for the upliftment, expansion, empowerment and enlightenment of all!

Energy Reading ~ February Insights

Act on your passions and intuitive impulses. Everything we have been preparing for is here now

“I embody spirit in every moment
I am the embodyment of spirit
I action thy embodyment of spirit in every word spoken and action taken”.
These words really embrace the energy flowing around us, the winds of change, winds of transformation. Our words have meaning.

We speak even when we don’t know we are speaking. Every thought, every feelings is registered in the etheric realm (air) around us. All is already known. every breathe has pertinent information, it is simply for us to tune in. And this February, the energies are high for just that! Much ease is expected now, the closer we stay tune to our inner voicing and guidance the better.

February will be a month of great surprises if we allow it. The retrograde is clearing up, most of it is already gone through and so we are opening onto a new day. A new year as the Chinese are celebrating

Use the energy of February to do what needs to be done! It is our action month. Everything we do here will set the pace for our year. Stay positive and uplifted in thought, word, and action. Find a moment daily to get clarity

February Healing Insights ~
~ Spirit is spirit. Not created nor destroyed just transferred to and fro various experiences that allow for growth. We are a universe, a multiverse, that is continuously growing, continuously expanding

~ Spirit is spirit. No matter its clothing, “no matter which colour leather” according to Damien Marley. We are all one and we are all made of the intrinsic thread of the universe

~ Send love to everything and everyone soon after we actualize the truth that within all oneness lives

~ The same way we can see and seek the odd or different so we can see the similarities.

~ I AM. I am an messenger. So it has always been and so it will always be . who are you

Number of the month: 4
Number 4 also represents our passion and drive and encourages us to work harmoniously yet diligently to achieve our goals and aspirations. ~ Positive actions towards the highest intentions.   Coherence with one’s self brings coherence with everything. Bring coherence and acceptance to every moment. For all in fact are the truth, none far better or worse, none higher or lower ~ yet all are relevant.
coherence – the acknowledgement of one’s truths and understandings along with the acknowledgement/acceptance of other’s.

Spirit – Mind and Body – Soul ( 4 expressions of essense)
Mind-Body relations ( like yoga) bring a coherence of the energetic body which enlightens one to spirit and then further seeking enlightens the spirit and also purifyes it ~ revealing the soul

The Caterpillar becomes a Butterfly

Til next time! Happy February

Peace, Love & Light