Defeat The Image

We all have an image. An image that we have of ourselves. An image that people of us and an image that we project to the world around us.

The time has come for these images to be let go and allow for the dawning of the Higher Self.

The Higher Self is the true self. The part of you that is connected to the cosmic, universal unending realms. It is the part of you that knows what is true, for you and in the world around you.

The Higher Self needeth not an image  for it is glaringly and comfortably seated in truth and has no need or want to be anything but it’s expression of that which is true

Drop the ego, drop the image — Embrace the Higher Self ,embrace your magnificence

In this exclusive video below, Dr. Pillai talks about “Defeating The Image” & Becoming/Realizing the God that you truly are.

~ Namaste

Hayagriva ~ The god of intellect

Hayagriva is the horse spirit, the horse god who embodies an all knowing and graceful being. Hayagriva shows us how to use our intellect for the highest good of ourselves and for others.

He guides and helps us to manifest the best of things in our life which overflows into the lives of those around us

Welcoming Hayagriva into our energy,welcomes the gifts that he brings of utmost and highest intelligence

Dr. Pillai explains the story of Hayagriva and offers a beautiful Hayagriva Mantra to welcome and embrace our highest intellect and goodness