The Althorean Diaries ~ Divine Guidance

Hello Angels,


Your world is changing so much right now and we are with you every step of the way ~ Don’t be discouraged by the discord around you. Times will get better and if you notice how fast time is happening for you nowadays, you can be assured that times of better days and more abundance of joy and happiness is here. Enjoying what you love and loving what you do in every moment. Grace and Harmony is here and you must accept it graciously and abundantly , calling more and more of it into yourself and into the life of others.

The time of awakening has come. And we are RISEN. Through the esclipes of shadow and light we come anew into the dawn of a new life of love, light and unlimited abundance

Women recognize your self as the whole counterpart to your whole husbands and Men recognize your self as the whole counterpart to your whole wives. See now that you neither have anything to save or sacrifice.

It is the time to reawaken to love, understanding, acceptance, understanding, discernment, forgiveness, compassion and joy in ourselves.

~ theSoulsSoul ~ Spirit

~ The Althorean Divine


Healing Message of the day ~ Feb 16, 2015

Copy of AttractReflectBecomeMirror

Good Morning Beauties!

High vibration energies are flowing all around you in these times. It is a wonderful time to be upon earth. Release your worries and fears, the best for you is in the air! Breathe it in and make manifest the best of your days.

Ask the angels for support as you need it, we are wanting to help you.

Be mindful of your thoughts in these moments, as they are easily manifested. Keep your mind upon the positive and upon the great things you wish to bring in to your life. The time is ripe with manifesting energy ~ !

Love & Light Beauties!

~ Your Angels

Angel Reading of the Day ~ Feb 14, 2014

Good Morning Loves,

Today is the day you take time to share love with each other. What a blessing indeed. We ask that you extend your love to not only your loved ones, but also to yourself and to all those you cross paths with today.

The cards today are engulfed with love from the angels. They ask us to be open and welcoming to all the loving energies that flow around us.

Our first card is Helpful Person ~ There is someone who wants to help you! Allow yourself to receive! Be open and full of love as the best of the moments flow in

The next card is Sychronicity! ~ Your prayers and answers are being answered by synchronistic events. Notice them in order to increase their flow 🙂


Love goes where energy flows!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Angel Message of the Day ~ Feb 11, 2015

Good Morning Beauties!

As you go along your path ~ take a moment to stop, breathe deeply and just be.

Our days are filled with such potent energy, keep the flow around you positive and filled with love for yourself and for others. This is the time of abundance, open your heart to receiving and accepting what you receive with an uplifted heart. All that flows to you is for your good. You are a Child of Light. It is your responsibility and right to have all that you want and need, to be rich in all things.

Ask your angels to guide you upon your way