The true task we have all taken,
the rising of our spirits – it’s imminent
A return to where we have been before,
the enlightenment

Remembering and returning to
our true essence
Authentic, fulfilling expressions
benefit to the individual and the collective massives


~ Mantra for Healing wounded parts of the self ~

I am whole

I am healed

Releasing all the things that no longer resonate with thee

Receiving all the things that truly are meaningful and resonant with me

Faith and Trust as the seed

so it grows beautifully,

this enlightenment for the highest good of we, all that be

Amen Amen Amen

~ Namaste



Healing Pain

Pain, as it ricochets around the body and across the heart,

is a bastard of all things

Pain is shocked at the world and wants nothing but to hide from it all

But pain also brings strength and versatility,

A sense of self and self love as you traverse through this uncharted territory bringing new learnings.

Moments filled with mountains peaked with joy and valleys with the sorrows

Only to peak again to mounts of exuberant joy just where and when you really need it and want it.
The connection to ownership and attachment loosens, and loses it’s appeal.

Sudden introspective overstanding flows in,


Allowing and accepting great wisdom and experience to seep into the pores of the soul ~ A new stance starts to form. One of beauty and love and growth..

the rainbow after the storm is apparent

~~Tips for Being At Peace with Pain ~~

~ Remember what you loved before the pain.
Get back to doing what you love, stuff that you truly enjoy.

~ Breathe!
Might sound funny, but most times when we are experiencing thoughts of sorrow. We aren’t breathing properly!  Next time you catch yourself in a fit or just one of those moments, check in with your breathe.. Yoga Breathing (Ujjayi Pranayama) is the best – deep breathing through the nose, as the air flows in (inflation like a balloon) and out the abdomen (exhalation brings abs flat against the spine).

~ Live, Learn, Grow! No Regrets
This might be the hardest step. Allowing your self to grow and learn. To make mistakes and not feel ashamed and/or guilty. To forgive yourself and forgive others. To love your self and love others unconditionally

Healing Message for Ascension Times

The energies are rising and so are you! Rising your vibrations to the highest possible. Many will feel excitement, agitation, overwhelm and other emotional and/or physical side effects to the energies that are all around and within us now ~ bubbling, expanding, cleansing and renewing our mind, our bodies and our spiritual connection to each other and to the source of all.

Be aware and conscious of the moments, do your best to breathe through any discomforts. BREATH is life. It is the easiest way to instantly connect with source, with your higher self. With the breathe you get connection and calmness as well as reassurance that the moment is just as it should be.

~ If you need additional reassurance, feel free to reach out – Intuitive & Oracle Reading specials running all month to support you in this time and also Intuitive & Reiki Healings are available ~

Take nothing for granted. Everything is going as planned – even if you don’t remember planning it!

Go with the flow – your internal flow. Your intuition and highest self knows exactly what is best for you and they will always bring that forward to you and for you to action as necessary.

Connect to your highest self with the following HEALING CONNECTION EXERCISE:
Breathe. Breathe Deeply Into the HEART CENTER Through the Nose. Close Eyes. Release all pent-up, tense energies with an EXHALE through the MOUTH. Place hand over your HEART CENTER and feel yourself connecting and connected with your higher self.
Take a breathe of gratitude for what you feel ~ Ask for guidance, protection and support always ~ Say these words, ” I AM OPEN AND READY TO RECEIVE THE HIGHEST GOOD AND BLESSINGS THAT MY INTUITION AND HIGHER SELF HAS TO OFFER.” AMEN.

Meditation Minutes

In the morning time ~ as you wake

Find your Self, a relaxed state

Allow RA, the Sun, to fill your consciousness

And shine brightly upon your emptiness

Make a mends in the moment

Breath, that is the way you do it

In and out as the tide goes

Healing,cleansing and empowering

Mind, Body and Spirit

Meditation is the way of reconnecting with one’s true self and essence. IT has the proven effect of healing, relaxing and enlightening not only the mind but also the body. Why is this so? For you are ENERGY. First and foremost, you are the ether that flows within and without the Omniverse,Tem.



~ The Althorean Divine

Be still, Close Your Eyes, Breathe Steadily Into the Nose and Steadily out of the Nose. Listen to the renewing, relaxing and realigning ‘Om Shanti, Om Shakti ‘ mantra of peace, balance and enlightenment below. One of my favourites

Find your peace, remember your true essence  ~ Namaste

Sacred Feminine

She is the wind that blows

The soft touch to your nose

She bridges the heaven and earth

She is Divine

She is Sacred

She is the Feminine – Mother of All, Healer of the times & Bearer of Life

Let not yourself be strayed from your true callings

Stay bound to your honourings, your high priestess beginnings

For you are the Divine, you are the Sacred Feminine

See the way you stare – It is the soul seeing capacities you bear

See the way you walk – It is the path of YA HU WA, it has brought you thus far

See the way to talk – It is the words of the highest council

See the way you are – It is no mistake my dear

You are Divine, Sacred Feminine from the heavenly strands of your hair to the earthly sol grounded feet  – so pure


Defeat The Image

We all have an image. An image that we have of ourselves. An image that people of us and an image that we project to the world around us.

The time has come for these images to be let go and allow for the dawning of the Higher Self.

The Higher Self is the true self. The part of you that is connected to the cosmic, universal unending realms. It is the part of you that knows what is true, for you and in the world around you.

The Higher Self needeth not an image  for it is glaringly and comfortably seated in truth and has no need or want to be anything but it’s expression of that which is true

Drop the ego, drop the image — Embrace the Higher Self ,embrace your magnificence

In this exclusive video below, Dr. Pillai talks about “Defeating The Image” & Becoming/Realizing the God that you truly are.

~ Namaste

God, Spirituality, Religion & Consciousness

Have you ever been in soul conflict? Meaning that you know what you feel, you know you are intricately a part of the universe, you acknowledge your spirituality and that of others.. BUT for some reason you can’t seem to wrap your head around religion and where it fits in. And you sometimes get to a point where you are trying to fit the pieces of All That Is, God, Consciousness, and Religion together.

Well this video by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley Founder & CEO, is a must watch then. He speaks with Google X Co-founder, Tom Chi about ‘Does God Exist’. Tom shares his insight on this topic and much more, bringing questions of God, Consciousness, Religion and Spirituality into a beautiful unison of understanding and clarity.

Check it out here:


Live for Loving ~ Love for Living


We are essentially love, and living that unadulterated love is what matters. In the moments that we connect with our truest self and live our truth ~ we connect with the essence of creation within us.

There are various types of love but in essence they all lead to the same thing; an essential, core and root love that is deep and unmoving. IT is also in this way that we are connected to each other. It is how we notice the power of others and the power within ourselves. Sometimes we interpret the power of others as a threat, but it is really an acknowledgement of power within someone – and the only way that you can acknowledge the power within someone is if you have the power within yourself. Like energies attract, regardless of what you been told about opposites attract. Yes, opposites attract because they complement each other but like energies cluster together because they are similiar. SO, yes we are surrounded by like and opposite energy but we are mainly around and engulfed in energies that are similar to us. Look around you. Take time, an open heart and mind, and you will notice that the things around you, the people, and situations ~ they all have an energy that is similar to your inherent vibration.

That vibration is your signature energy that you connect to, that your love and emotions, aspirations and motivations flow from. It is this place that is inherent throughout the universe. It is the place of truth, trueness, transparency, connectivity, livity and love.

We are all that we are ~ We are ONE ~ We are all divine sparks of Great Love

Essential, Absolute Love  exists everywhere! ~ ArchAngel Raphael
Essential, Absolute Love exists everywhere! ~Angel Raphael

The article below describes the essence of love and how all love is interconnected. Sally goes ahead and breaks down the various types of love into three main categories : Absolute Love, Individual Love, & Sadhana Love – love as a practice . She states that “.. The Great Love, the love that is the kernel of everything, is present in everything, peeking out during every moment in which we feel a spark of tenderness, appreciation, or affection. Any glimmer of love is a spark from that fire and leads us back to it.”  A beautiful rendition of love expressed in words ~  http://www.yogajournal.com/article/lifestyle/what-is-love/

Love & Light Friends of Love

Intent to spread your love today

~ Namaste

Healing Reading of the day ~ Feb 17, 2015


Good Morning Loves,

The message this morning is patience. Have patience with yourself and have patience with others. We are all growing and learning, expanding infinitely expecially in these times of such heightened energy of love and manifestation. Allow yourself to be ~ Pay attention to and trust the signs. All happens in perfect timing

Also, when we speak – let us be very conscious of the words that flow out and how they flow out. Let your words resonate with love in every moment

Our card for today is : Worthiness ~ “Know that you deserve to receive good in all ways” This is resonant with our message above, as we learn and know that we are deserving in all ways, we treat ourselves better and in doing so we treat others better because they are just as worthy of goodness as we are ~

Blessed Be

~ Love & Light