Hi There! 

Here’s a little about me 🙂

As A Certified Professional Life Transformation Coach, I take my clients from confused, frustrated, and maybe even feeling defeated >> to >> Champion, Confident, Goal & Life Achiever.  I am ready to help you too! 🙂

Not only am I a certified professional coach , teacher, mentor, and NOW Author! I am also a certified yoga instructor , past athlete (that athletic mindset is no joke!), university lecturer, and degreed-engineer.

Having such wealth of knowledge and experience creates the perfect atmosphere for the woman, the man, the student, the mother, the father, who is:
   >>>>>       >>>>>     >>>>>      Seeking to add more Value to their life
       >>>>>    Searching for Re-connection with Life, Purpose, Passion and Family

Ready to Take Life To The NEXT LEVEL ⇑ 
My experience list is long and varied, so I am able to navigate with clients, no matter your background, to the success story/stories you want and deserve 

The focus is always on EMPOWERMENT , WELLNESS, ACHIEVEMENT – With this alignment, Clients always feel renewed and are able to get on track to goals that really matter for them.
My success, their success, and your success year after year comes from the unique combination coaching tools, life inspiration/motivation techniques, and ofcourse – one-to-one and at times, group, coaching time. All sessions are by video/phone or in-person 

I’ll see you in a session soon!

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! P.S. !

If you are interested, find my book  ” Relationship Over Religion: Finding and Maintaining Our Spiritual Identity

by Tora Simpson ” on Kindle/Amazon.    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B094WCXWB6?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420