Intuition + Emotional Intelligence

We are used to hearing people say, “smart guess!”, or ‘it just came to me’ when talking about a moment of instant knowing or understanding . Well, its not just a smart guess and it didn’t just come to you..It is called Intuition and you were tapping in to it!
All information is swirling around us 24/7. We simply need to build our emotional intelligence , our intuition, so that we can tap into this unseen field that we interact with on a daily basis.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, everyone knows that science has now proven that intuition exists, and that it is super important. It links to the subconscious, the majority of our brain..and it is just as important to exercise our intuitive,subconscious mind as we do our cognitive, intellectual conscious mind.

The standard definition of intuition is ” the natural knowing of something ( an event, a name, a number, etc)”.  This natural knowing usually surfaces when one’s mind just instantly happens across information.  One feels like they can see the chains of events to come, and sometimes events that have passed.
The information that intuition brings, plays out in the entire story received through our feelings.  Intuition cuts through everything that cannot be said or is hard to say/explain. Intuition transcends language , overcomes all spaces. IT is where we can all meet on common ground

This is why emotional intelligence is so very important.

Being able to ‘know’ what someone is feeling,  is the first step to finding solutions that will have exceptional results in our families, homes, businesses, societies and communities, as we cater for ourselves and for others.

As noted earlier, Intuition has been science proven. It is linked to the pineal gland  which is located in the middle of our brain – where the mind and the body meet – regulating several hormones.

I’m going to get a little deep here and give mention to chakras. So chakras are the underlining and literally energy points that bring forward our manifested body.
One of the seven main chakras is connected to our intuition, this intuitive chakra is called Ajna or most usually referred to as the third eye. The third eye has a lens that opens to see behind physical reality*. It is where our mind and our body connect. The body and the mind are constantly collecting and sharing information about our surroundings and the things we feel in and around the body (our surroundings), are interpreted by the (subconscious) mind. Incredible details and understandings come from this mind-body interaction and we receive this lovely information in the form of feelings and ‘natural knowing’ or intuition.  For example, if we are blindfolded and taken to the beach , several body and mind receptors work together and as they collect information, we receive feelings, and other stimuli feedback  that makes us intuitively know that we are at the beach.

Intuition,the pineal gland, is a muscle. The more we use it, the better we become at knowing exactly what our subconscious mind is communicating to us.

And now that we are becoming more conscious of our senses and our mind-body connection. This is one of the main reasons for the rise in yoga, meditation and several wellness practices. We call it ‘wellness’ but it is us trying to connect to and understand the messages coming from our mind-body connection.

This quite evidently the reason for the rise in vegans and vegetarians.  As we become aware of our true self check into how we feel about eating meat…and it does not resonate with the mind-body connection.

So next time you feel your intuition nudge you, follow it. It might be hit and miss at first, but as you trust yourself and the messages you receive from your intuition, you will find that you are more right than wrong

Til a next time,

stay building your emotional intelligence and tuned to your inner-teacher (intuition)


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