Smooth Transition Rocky Times


We are all waiting for the system to crash and end everything so that we can start afresh again..  and perhaps we will have that. Perhaps not as extreme and chaotic as some may assume or wish..

The past few happenings have shown me and taught us that after seeing just snippets, we can not know the full story. This is what the media has made bucks on. Selling snippets and concealing the full/true story.

Ultimately, this is a learning ground for us all – and we are the ones who decide how it all plays out.. These times call for a great deal of accountability of our thoughts, words and actions.

Through it all, we all want the same thing – to be able to be express all the parts of our self fully and freely. This has been so for few, but now it will turn to be so for the many. And as all comes to the surface, we begin to look at our self and see the solid aspects as well as our fractured aspects   And it is in the healing of the fractured parts of our self , individually and collectively, that we will find healing, forgiveness, respect, honour, reinstatement and peace – combining this with the unity and strength of our solid aspects ..dare I say the future could be a lot brighter than we think.

Don’t let the media tell you what is going on..find out for your self – I like to watch live coverage of things, it gives me a great sense of the truth of situations.

So hold dear to faith and uplift your thoughts. Let us keep positive and have faith in ourselves and each other.

With love-light filled blessings



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