The Cup , Water & The Sword


We have all heard the grail stories..if you haven’t go check some out. Grail stories usually consists of a few things, the cup – representing the feminine to some degree , and the sword – representing the masculine.
There is a battle that somehow ensues for the sword and the cup, which some refer to as the ‘holy grail’ itself. But I don’t think the cup is the holy grail.
The cup does represent a major aspect in the holy grail’s story because it tells of the tale of the feminine – love and light energy – being overlooked and at times trampled on for the Sword. That we all know or have heard of.( ..if not, go look it up!)

There is a third element that does get mentioned but in side play to the cup and the sword.

Water. Water is the playground of these energies. When there is water resting and aboding, all is well and peaceful – cup and sword in their places. Uplifted and Peaceful times reign. As soon as the water begins to dissipate or retract from the surface of the earth, then we have come upon a dry spell and things are out of balance – the cup and sword go missing, or are at odds with each other or one is found and the other still hidden.
The many stories of the grail all portray these things..but what of the power and value of the WATER.

There would be no need for the Cup, had not there been Water. And hence forth, there would be no need for the Sword to protect the all mighty and powerful Cup.

The Power of Three is rampant in the Grail Stories, one day it will all be told and shown clearly that the SWORD is the BODY – protector of the CUP, our MIND – which fills with thoughts and actions for the  BODY  to materialize.
And the CUP fills with WATER, the SPIRIT, in which all the power and essence is vested.

I believe this is the true message of the Grail Stories..




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