Free To Be

So many fear to be what they truly are..but Everything and every moment is connected..thus there is no-thing to fear. Know This.

Thinking is the illusion. Knowing is the truth.

Know that it is okay to be all open and abundant while still rooting into the essence/space of truth.
The honouring of ourselves and our boundaries is important. And it is from the foundation, this rooted in truth space, that we make the most change and impact upon our society.

We are infinite. More than the body, More than the thoughts we create and more than the words and action that we send into the world. We are love unconditional.

Our bodies, simply vessels to house our truth and unlimited potentiality. Upon the realization that we are powerful beyond measure, worthy of desire, then we can embrace and embody our full truth & indispensable value

It is not enough to think of what your value or worth is. One must know and embody the truth, worth and value that are the enablers to fully expressing one’s self, and living a truly fulfilling and uncompromising life that reflect the grace, beauty and abundance of the spirit.

Set yourself free – no matter where you have been, or what you have been through. It is okay to be set free.

Let the spirit roam free and surprise you daily

Free to be me.



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