March Energy Insights

This month has started off quietly on the physical space but is making implosions  and explosions in the dream, mental and emotional spaces of our lives

And as so expected as we enter fully into the dreamy-eyed Neptune ruled house of Pisces.

We are having alot of dreamy visualizations, the impossible seems possible. The world does have its illusions and direct Mercury will ensure that even through the illusions, clarity pursuesstar-constellation-pisces_7ef64f822dc1659b

As many dreams we have, we will also find ease in communicating our truths and be able to share our natural talents and gifts with the world. Dreams easily turn into reality in the most successful use of this Neptune-Mercury energy.

There is also Chiron who is constantly urging self-love and reflection. Have compassion for yourself and others at these times. Everyone is sieving through the delusions and illusions in their life and seeing into the truths. Many revelations will come through dream. Ask for the highest guidance in understanding what each moment carries for thee.



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