Healing Pain

Pain, as it ricochets around the body and across the heart,

is a bastard of all things

Pain is shocked at the world and wants nothing but to hide from it all

But pain also brings strength and versatility,

A sense of self and self love as you traverse through this uncharted territory bringing new learnings.

Moments filled with mountains peaked with joy and valleys with the sorrows

Only to peak again to mounts of exuberant joy just where and when you really need it and want it.
The connection to ownership and attachment loosens, and loses it’s appeal.

Sudden introspective overstanding flows in,


Allowing and accepting great wisdom and experience to seep into the pores of the soul ~ A new stance starts to form. One of beauty and love and growth..

the rainbow after the storm is apparent

~~Tips for Being At Peace with Pain ~~

~ Remember what you loved before the pain.
Get back to doing what you love, stuff that you truly enjoy.

~ Breathe!
Might sound funny, but most times when we are experiencing thoughts of sorrow. We aren’t breathing properly!  Next time you catch yourself in a fit or just one of those moments, check in with your breathe.. Yoga Breathing (Ujjayi Pranayama) is the best – deep breathing through the nose, as the air flows in (inflation like a balloon) and out the abdomen (exhalation brings abs flat against the spine).

~ Live, Learn, Grow! No Regrets
This might be the hardest step. Allowing your self to grow and learn. To make mistakes and not feel ashamed and/or guilty. To forgive yourself and forgive others. To love your self and love others unconditionally


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